Welcome to SumiSays!

When a restaurant critic retires, do her opinions retire as well? Absolutely not. This blog is for all those friends of mine who want to know whether I’ve been to the latest Seattle hot spot and what I think of it.

I’m Sumi Hahn, AKA S.M. Hahn (former restaurant critic for the Times-Picayune and Seattle Weekly). I now freelance on food for various publications and write on classical music for the Seattle Times.

For those who know me through my underground identity as a mom of three: Sshhh… don’t tell the kids I have a life outside them.



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2 responses to “Welcome to SumiSays!

  1. Nice blog Sumi… I didn’t know you were a music/restraunt critic. How fun. See, I know you as a fellow CSG’er. So did Humanities help at all? 😉

  2. Jennie

    Cool blog. Makes me hungry. Even the restaurant reviews that aren’t so good! Will this be “Seattle/WA” only or will you be reviewing other places too? Can’t wait to read more!!

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