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I dragged my husband to Quinn’s for lunch yesterday–the New York Times had just mentioned it, so I was curious. (The NYT is usually wrong about Seattle restaurants, by the way, so reader beware!) He didn’t want to go because he had “the worst meal of his life” there with some friends three weeks ago. (They had ordered everything on the menu; it was all “gross.” I quote: “Sausage that tasted like a stick of salt. Pate that tasted like cat food. Please, I’m trying to forget the experience.”)

He very reluctantly agreed to have lunch, reasoning that it would be a different cook. He dropped his fork. “Oh no, it’s the same person!”

My jaw dropped at how disgusting the food was. The bread salad ($8) tasted like it had been dressed with fryer oil, and an unmistakable whiff of creosote emanated from it. The croutons were soggy–and not with dressing. The pathetic and barely prepped hunks of iceberg lettuce were piled high on the plate, with a lone olive half and a tomato chunk that was far from ripe. Ugh. After three bites–enough to confirm the rancid fat flavor–I, too, dropped my fork.

As for the “grilled ham and Gruyere sandwich” ($8)–my 6 year old could have done better. It looked like it had been slapped together by a giant and a pygmy trying to meet in the middle; the two pieces of bread were off by half their width. Globs of mayo dripped from the edges. Fries were somehow overcooked AND limp and greasy at the same time.

I usually eat everything. I’m the type of person who eats airplane food happily. But this swill? Unbelievable. The whole experience was so repellent I was fascinated by it, kind of like needing to stare at a gruesome accident scene. I can’t wait to go back again–when restaurants are this bad, they make for great entertainment–but my husband absolutely refuses. Hands down the worst meal I’ve tried to eat this year.

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3 responses to “Quinn’s

  1. Martha

    Wow, this sounds so bad! I know the perfect people to take there. (Mwahahahaha!)

  2. Mike

    After a hard days work three of us went to Quinn’s. We had seen all the copious articles and fanfare about Quinn’s and was looking forward to a pleasant meal. Alway the glutton we ordered a number of dishes … meatballs, creamy polenta (tasteless meatballs with pre-school flavored glue-y polenta) – country style pork pate (cold, hard, unappealing taste, texture, and smell) – house made pork sausage (salt, salt, and MORE salt) – gnocchi, rabbit ragout (oddly glue-y, gummy, and overall tasteless) – braised oxtail (stringy and tasted like the color grey) – frites, dontina fonduta, demi-glace, foie gras (frites ranged from undercooked to overcooked. The perfectly cooked ones were fought over. Tragically the FRENCH FRIES were the BEST part of this meal). I’ve always had an enjoyable meal at Restaurant Zoe (Quinn’s sister restaurant). Hard to believe these two restaurants come from the same restaurateur. Quinn’s has the dubious honor of being the 2nd worst dinner experience I’ve suffered.

    A note on lunch: I was curious if I had experienced an ‘off-night’ so I reluctantly agreed to go. As ‘sumisays’, my ham&cheese was laughable — uninspired bread, non-descript shaved ham, a glob of melted white cheese. My 6 year old could’ve easily duplicated this for far less the $$$. I was puzzled … How about a pinch of sea salt? A sprinkling of spanish smoked paprika? Deli mustard? Horseradish? Lightly dressed microgreens? A tomato
    or more exotic smoked tomato aoli, tomato chutney, tomato relish, your pick? ANYTHING. When I eat out I expect … no … I DEMAND to eat something as good, if not FAR BETTER, than I (or my 6 year old) can make at home.

  3. Bruce

    I’ve enjoyed all 3 of my dinners there. Tonight everything I tasted was delicious: beef tartare, pork pate, tongue hash, rabbit ragout over gnocchi, wild boar sloppy joe, coq-au-vin with king oyster mushrooms, cranberry turnovers. Lunch is less elaborate, so while there’s no excuse for food as bad as you describe, you should give them a try at dinner.

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