Food I Can’t Forget: 2008 Flashback

Snow falling on cedar, with Space Needle
Snow fallen on cedar, with Space Needle

On a rare Seattle snow day, there’s nothing better than curling up with a hot drink and reminiscing about all the good food I’ve eaten this year. Whenever anyone asks me to pinpoint the best meal I ate, I always balk–that would be as impossible as trying to pick my favorite child.

Because I’ve eaten so many memorable meals, I’ve decided to categorize them by cuisine, so I don’t have to compare, well, apples to oranges. If certain categories  are absent (like Indian), that’s because they lack an experience I’d include in my year’s best list. (If I had gone to Vij’s in Vancouver this year, for example, it would have made the list. The Indian places I did visit aren’t worth mentioning.)

Chinese: 1) *Wing Lei, Wynn Resort, Las Vegas; 2) Kirin Seafood, Vancouver, BC

French: 1) *Alex, Wynn Resort, Las Vegas; 2) Joel Robuchon, MGM Grand, Las Vegas; 3) Bouchon, Venetian, Las Vegas

Italian: 1) *Del Posto, NYC; 2) Cafe Juanita , Kirkland; 3) Spinasse , Seattle 4) Cin Cin, Vancouver, BC.

Japanese: 1) Nobu, NYC; 2) Sushi Sasabune, Honolulu

Korean: Kawon, Everett

Northwest Fusion: Blue Water Cafe and Raw Bar, Vancouver, BC

Pacific Fusion: *Alan Wong, Honolulu

Vegetarian: 1)  Candle 79, NYC; 2) Angelica Kitchen, NYC

*Indicates the BEST of the Best of 2008…


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  1. Thanks for the list, Sumi! Your blog is going to become my quick reference point for dining out.

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