Repeatable: See note below. Visits: 4+

Peter Canlis Prawns, from

Peter Canlis Prawns, from

In Seattle’s closetful of restaurants, Canlis is the Chanel suit: flawlessly finished, tailor-made for special occasions, the epitome of timeless style trumping fleeting fashion.

Which is why I chose to celebrate my 40th birthday there. And why I threw a surprise party for my father up in the loft when he turned 70. And why I happily paid through the nose to buy a seat at Canlis’s 55th birthday celebration in 2005. And why my husband and I, whenever we wanted a special night out, would slip into the bar and eat dinner next to the piano, without a reservation.

I’ve been a regular there for the past 10 years, and the Canlis’s know it.

Which is why I visited the restaurant 4 times in the past two months before writing this. Because I wanted to make damn sure I got it right. And because I wanted to taste everything on the new menu, courtesy of new chef Jason Franey, who took over in December.

And I did taste everything.

Even though I wish ….

The rest of this review will be gone until the end of May. Check back then for the missing half as well as for the reasons why it left in the first (and second) place….

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2 responses to “Canlis

  1. Martha

    Bah. How depressing. But then again, I can’t afford to eat there these days, so I’ll save up for their comeback. Does the ladies’ room still feel posh?

  2. sumisays

    Yes, the ladies room is still swanky, but an interior designer might sniff and say it’s too ’90s and needs a re-do soon.

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