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If you haven’t already heard of Marination, you’re not alone. I, too, live under a rock and don’t keep abreast of local foodie news. I also travel a lot and am decidedly not an obsessive-compulsive type, which is good for marriage but bad for blogging. This is the short reason for why I haven’t posted since, ahem, June.  After several folks repeatedly inquired, I decided to break my months-long silence today by writing about this Hawaiian-Korean flavored taco truck that seems to have rabid fans following their every move on Twitter. I don’t Tweet either, so that’s another reason why I’m so late to the dinner party.

The reason I finally tried Marination was simple: They were giving away their food in the Safeway parking lot on top of Queen Anne, as part of a Key Bank promotion. I’m a sucker for free food (hello, Costco!), so I got in line, snagged my ticket, suffered the Key Bank shpiel, and  ordered the kimchee fried rice, the Kahlua pork sliders, and a kalbi taco.

Sounds like a lot, but the portions were small, maybe because of the promo. Of the three, the kalbi taco was the best; maybe because I ate it first, while I was hungriest. The meat was intensely marinated, and the cabbage slivers were dressed in a very pleasant white sauce that I wouldn’t mind keeping in my fridge as a go-to condiment. The pork slider was pretty good too: more of that white sauce, some orange sauce that reminded me of the pureed kimchee sauce I recently had at Momofuku Ssam in NYC, and strings of Kahlua pork, all set atop a bun that was more burnt than toasted. S’OK. There were lots of people, and I’m not a stickler for perfection.

However, I did wish the fried egg atop of the kimchee fried rice hadn’t been so runny. I nuked it for a minute, to be on the safe side, before eating. For such a brightly oranged colored dish, the fried rice wasn’t nearly as spicy as I expected. In Hawaii, kimchee-fried rice ypically packs more punch; it also usually involves Spam. There’s nothing like Spam in kimchee fried rice, but I guess Seattleites are scared of the stuff, because there was no Spam anywhere in sight on the menu.

Marination is definitely fun and different. Like all of these trendy new food trucks, this mobile eatery requires some technical assistance, since the truck parks in a different spot every day. If you want to track them down, consult the schedule on their website. If you, like I did, serendipitously stumble upon it, then stop in your tracks, saunter up to the window, and order some tacos. Next time I run into Marination, I’ll even consider paying for my food.

Marination Mobile (locations vary) on Urbanspoon


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