Places I’ve Eaten At

Reviews Pending (meaning I ate there more than two months ago and so can’t post on them until I go again)
Betty, Cafe Lago, Canlis, Cremant, Crow, Crush, Dahlia Lounge, Harvest Vine, Inn at Langley, Izumi Sushi, Kawon, Matt’s in the Market, Oceanaire, Oliver’s Twist, Palace Kitchen, Prima Bistro (Whidbey Island), Ray’s Boathouse, Rover’s, Tavolata, Seastar, Union, Vios…(more names coming)

Places I Ate At But Probably Won’t Write About:
Bluefin, Blue Ginger, Cafe Flora, Cafe Ori, Chinook’s, Chinoise,  Essential Bakery, Ivar’s, I Love Sushi, Organic to Go, Ototo, Tamarind Tree, Thai Kitchen, Tutta Bella, Via Tribulani, Voula’s…(more names coming)


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