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  1. Perry Atkins

    Regarding your recent article on Tortillas in “edible Seattle” magazine: I had been looking for something interesting to do with lard I had rendered this winter from fat back purchased from Skagit River Ranch Meats. I was intrigued to see the recipe you provided in the magazine and knew the lard would be the right thing to replace the fat called for in the recipe.
    Okay great, I’m going to make Tortillas, but then what? So out came a nice organic chicken from Thundering Hooves. A little searching for something interesting and a “Pollo Pibil” recipe from a Diana Kennedy cookbook seemed perfect. Banana leaves in the freezer to use to wrap the quartered bird, the achiote paste made and 1/2 day in the fridge to marinate and we were ready to go.

    Homemade salsa, the now baked chicken shredded, home pickled onions and jalepenos from a friend and we had an incomprable and authentic yucatan meal. Black beans and a jicama/blood orange salad finished out a very pretty plate.

    Why tell you all of this?
    The tortilla recipe was perfect. As a cook and not a baker, I typically shy away from anything that resembles pastry dough. This could not have easier, more authentic and tastier. I am SO happy to now be able to make my own tortillas from now on. Thank you for finding and sharing Ms. Ceniceros’s recipe.

    • sumisays

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the tortillas! Your dinner sounded delicious–anytime you repeat it and need someone to eat the leftovers, I’d be happy to volunteer. BTW, you wisely realized that rendered animal fat would make an ideal substitution for the Spectrum. Lard always elevates any food, as far as I’m concerned!

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